Check out the video, then think about your next outdoor trip.  It doesn’t matter whether you will be sitting in the duck marshes, stalking the prairie, sitting a stand in the autumn woods, or trekking into the high country; the SLIP TM  System can enhance your outdoor experience by helping you cut the distance when it comes to wildlife.

The SLIP TM  System was designed by hunters,  for hunters and outdoorsmen.  Able to withstand the elements and toughest conditions on earth, the SLIP TM  System will help get you there and back, and help you insure success on your hunt.

The most versatile piece of gear in the outdoor industry, to include the most photo-realistic decoys ever made, are on sale now, and only a click away!  CLICK HERE FOR A SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE

With over 20 camo and decoy patterns to choose from, the SLIP TM  System is a must-have item for your next outdoor adventure.

Listen to what our Customers are saying:

The point of this story is that without the Elk Mountain Slip system, there is no chance in hell that I would have ever been able to sling 3 arrows at a herd bull.  This system without a doubt works, and will keep bulls interested even if a hunter makes a mistake.  Even though I don’t have the massive bull on the ground, I still can not thank Elk Mountain Inc. enough for producing such a great product.  Thanks”

 ~Justin Jenness

“Our hunt found us using the blind to spot and stalk a group of turkeys…and this worked well. We were able to hold the blind in front of us, move in, and then jab the blind in the ground when we stopped.

We are anxious to try this system starting in August on several deer and elk hunts. I am confident that it will work well both as a decoy and as a blind.

We highly recommend the Elk Mountain Blind and Decoy System. It is well built, easy to use, and very importantly IT WORKS!”

~Mike Radford


“My SLIP System let me get in bow distance, and I was able to wait and ambush a 3×3 Mule deer coming down the trail.  He never seen me until I popped up and nailed him at 41 yards”

~Simon Simons

 “I have to tell you, the Open Country Blind has been an integral part of my hunts for the past few years.  This Year especially so, since I’m hunting some different blinds and habitat where it really makes a difference.  Same with my elk hunting, I’m learning different ways to use it all the time.  It toatally made the difference with some of the close-range bucks this Season.  I’m never without it” 

~Lou Phillippe


From a Customer (using the Moo Cow Slipcover)

Covered 600 yards of open coverless land with a client in tow behind the Elk mnt slip system with 75ish head of elk able to see us.
It worked like a charm and got us within 200 yards for a shot on a very large herd bull. Not a single cow or bull boogered or got spooky as I played the wind right. The system really worked well“!

~Romey Bromwich


From a successful mountain goat hunt:

Here are the pictures that I promised you. One of the pictures you can see the SLIP system in the background still wrapped up. The guy in the picture used it mainly as a trekking pole which was invaluable to him as he would not have been able to cross the river we had to cross, because we had to balance on a log and he was able to use the slip system as a balance pole. Also he used it to hike the entire way up to the goat, and with as exhausted as he was trying to get to the goat he used the heck out of it. I asked him several times if he wanted to put the slip system in my backpack and every time he said no because he liked using it, and it was helping him make his way up the steep mountain. Thanks again”

“I used my slip this year as a trekking pole, umbrella from the rain and snow falling from the tree limbs, and decoy to take my bull. As IdyllwildArcher said, that thing saved my butt from the elements! Thanks for a great product”!
~William Shafar
Best of Luck,

Jeff Ervin
Owner, Elk Mountain Gear