Hunting is always an adventure. Sometimes, it can be countless hours of nothing going on, followed by just a few seconds of heart-hammering action. But, it is the action that keeps us coming back for more, trekking out into the wilderness, in search of those elusive creatures, that provide our families with all-natural protein sustenance year after year.

Whether you are hunting with a bow, a trap, a shotgun, a rifle, or even a camera, it all boils down to the same thing: pursuit of quarry. If you are new to hunting, there are many resources here to help you along the way. The road to successful hunting is paved with hours and hours of legwork, gradually gaining the skills you need to close the distance, and make the kill.  There is a lot of great gear available today that can help you seal the deal, such as the Elk Mountain SLIP System

Hunting has been under attack in recent years, but still, it survives and thrives in here in the U.S.A., and in many other areas of the world.  Deep-rooted in families for Centuries, hunting refuses to be swept away by increasing hordes of anti-hunters, and hunters continue to pour millions of dollars into our economy for Conservation of wildlife year after year.

So, thrown on a camo shirt, and come on out with us! We are glad to have you with us here in our Camp!