OK, you’ve got your buck down, tagged and bagged, and it is at the processor.  You want to make the most of your hard-earned protein sustenance, by preparing mouth-watering meals, that can be appreciated by friends, family, and most important, yourself!

From roast goose to pan fried elk chops, we’re assembling the best of the best; recipes that are easy to prepare, and amazingly delicious.  As an added bonus, you can watch the entire process of each recipe on video

Since we are all at peace with the fact that we are hunter-gatherers (if you are not, you are on the wrong site), our recipes are all going to focus on being paleo-friendly (mostly), meaning, we will be avoiding starchy carbs,  and making dinner from whatever we can catch, shoot, or pick. Kill it and grill it, whack it and stack it,  take it and bake it, waste it and baste it  (You get the idea)!!

So, settle in, as we slow roast that beautiful chunk of meat over the coals!  Oh man, I can’t wait!